Monday, February 24, 2014

Do your movers know what they're doing?

When hiring movers its very important to make sure that they are indeed professional movers if you are not 100% sure ask and check there licensing and if you ever see something like that you probably not using the right movers for you,
Now that you have hired the right Austin movers for your move and you are sure that they know what they are doing make sure to check the way they load the truck, loading the truck is the most important part of the move, loading right will make the deferent if you will have damages to your belongings or not, what you want to see the movers doing is stacking the heavy furniture on the bottom and then stacking boxes on top if you see your movers doing the following, it will be wise to let them go and look for a better moving company Austin

another thing you need to keep in mind that if the moving team look strong its not always means they know what they are doing sometime a small guy with lot of experience in moving can be faster and safer then a big guy that got bad moving technic just like in the following example

also if your movers come equipped with hi tech moving equipment it does not always means that they are a better austin moving company to use, sometimes the good old equipment is the best to use a specialty if you not sure how to operate the new one

We almost have covered the all moving service and what you should be looking for in your movers, the last thing I think will be wise to be carful is using your friends for help moving, you just never know if they will try to be funny and being funny when moving can end bad maybe just like that

I hope I helped and wish you a safe move.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Can moving be funny? Austin Movers UUUU believes that moving g can be fun and funny just take a look at the next few YouTube we gathered and tell us if you agree with us and you also think that moving can be funny and if not look for our next funny movers article coming soon. We all know that moving is a hard and stressful thing to go thru in particular if you moving long distance, but moving can also be funny take a look how this moving company have found a way to skip the stair clamming I give them 10 out of 10 for originality but about 2 for execution :

Wow that is funny. In the next one you can see why you should empty your deep fridge prior for moving it, you will make it a little lighter for the lifting process and if you mess up nothing going to fall on the floor:

Ouch, now you see what I mean. Here you can see why you should not save on your move and do it yourself, I know that everyone want to save but maybe one less starbucks late a week is better than saving on your move:

Told you. Next you can see why you better leave your door open while the movers going in and out of your home :

And that’s enough funny for this article, lf you are looking for movers that know what they are doing and will not break your bank and your front door your are in the right place give us a call or at 512-200-1061 or fill up the free quote form at
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